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Whidbey Tea

Whidbey Tea is a unique company with a heritage in steeping luxury tea blends from organic natural ingredients. A family-owned business, their commitment to sustainability and the environment is akin to our own business ethos.


We built Whidbey Tea’s brand architecture from strategy to realization, but didn’t stop there; we provided Whidbey tea with web design, ecommerce, digital advertising, social media, photography, video production and even Amazon optimization and scaling to help this start up scale and grow!

Our Role

  • Product Packaging Design

  • Ecommerce Website Design & SEO

  • Product Photography

  • Creative Campaign Production & Photography

  • Media Buy & Strategic Placement

  • Copywriting

  • Digital Ads

  • Social Media Management

  • Print Collateral Design

  • Event Activation

  • Amazon Consulting


The Challenge

The client was looking for a cohesive marketing strategy from creative to placement that could all be handled holistically at one agency. Our commitment to depth in campaign messaging was as essential to Whidbey Tea as their commitment to depth in flavor. They wanted to creatively present and promote their products to customers in way that would inform their product offering and the detail that went into creating each unique tea blend.


Whidbey Tea’s product labels traditionally incorporated animals designed by world-renowned Native American artist, Marvin E Oliver, who had designed a unique totem animal with a symbolic meaning of the flavor profile and essence of each blend.


The Solution

Entrigue developed a marketing strategy that focused on transplanting the very same attention to detail Whidbey Tea used-- in combining ingredients to create the perfect tea flavors--to photography and food stylist expressions in campaign images. We built customer engagement by evoking images that inspire interactions that are relatable to customer adventures. It was important that the unique essence of Whidbey Tea’s blends and their animals’ that the natural tendencies be explored in campaign images and presented to the modern consumer in a way that would bring them closer to nature with each sip.

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