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SEO & Amazon Store Optimization

At Entrigue, we specialize in Search Engine Optimization for niche brands. Having a beautiful or visually stunning website is great for when your customer visits, but the main question we are asked often is—how do we get more customers there organically?


If your website isn’t being found online, or your website traffic and new lead generation has declined, your site more than likely needs SEO improvements. Or if you are starting a new business or building a new site, you need to make sure your site can compete in the search results of your potential customers, and doesn’t get bumped by search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Not all developers build sites that are optimized for search engines, and it’s important to make sure that you site has this solid framework as well as visual appeal. What good does a great site do if no one sees it?

Our team of expert consultants can help to optimize your new site with proper meta tags, header tags, keyword copy, photo alt text, site speed and more. We also provide website SEO audits, and USER experience/site map audits for existing websites so that we can assess your overall site’s health. After, we provide our clients with an SEO strategy and plan to implement and improve the website from a design and development perspective in order to improve your SEO and conversion. Not only do we provide SEO optimization to all our website builds, and perform audits, but we provide ongoing SEO and website maintenance for clients looking to have someone make sure their site never needs to spend time at the shop!

Desktop view of Anique website
Mobile view of Anique website
Product image of spiced roobios tea
Product image of mango oolong tea

Amazon is also a unique database platform with its own unique SEO. Our expert Amazon consultants have set up multiple successful and scalable Amazon stores for apparel and consumer good brands. We specialize in conducting the research and testing needed to deliver optimized listings for each of your products. We can help you increase sales and traffic with targeted Amazon ads focused on seasonal trends, targeted customers, and competitors.

SEO Audits

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User Experience

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