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Halaszi Beauty

Halaszi’s line of naturally essenced shampoo and conditioner is magic from nature. The line regenerates and revives hair naturally, made from medicinal plant botanicals used by ancestral cultures around the world.

Our Role

  • Ecommerce Website Design, Bilingual Site Maps & SEO

  • Product Photography

  • Social Media Management

  • Creative Campaign Production - Photography & Videography

  • Print Collateral Design


The Challenge

The client was looking for an ecommerce website design makeover to make a big splash in the competitive natural beauty industry. They wanted to creatively present and promote their products in way that would inform customers of their natural origins while showcasing magic and life in hair. They needed a full set of photography campaign assets for the new site, print collateral and a brand foundation of media. While the product addresses some rather unflattering hair care issues such as with hair thinning and breakage, the brand needed a campaign aesthetic that did not alienate or showcase “bad hair” and the creative needed to demonstrate more than great style.

Entrigue developed an overarching big idea campaign for Halaszi product launch which focused on telling the story of how nature’s magic enhances women’s hair through Halaszi shampoo. We created campaign images that presented shampoo in an unexpected way using abstraction, natural ingredients and vibrant colors to evoke unique visuals with a bit of whimsy to stand out in the crowded beauty market. We then created cohesive legs for the campaign for the website reskin, social media, print collateral and digital ad placement.

The Solution

Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 6.13.04 PM.png
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