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Digital Ads Management

When utilized correctly, social media and online ads can increase conversions, website traffic, brand awareness, and more. At Entrigue, we care about your online presence and growth. 


Our expert digital ads managers can pioneer or scale your digital ads on platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yelp, and YouTube. Their deep understanding of the customer journey, ad placement options, and optimization allow them to successfully guide brands through gaining customer leads, customer data collection, ad copy, and analytics, to retargeting and conversion strategies.

Our goal is to help you succeed in growing your digital footprint and help your brand get a positive ROI on advertising campaigns. We specialize in ecommerce digital ads, lead generation, and brand awareness campaigns across Google, Facebook and Instagram platforms. Each platform requires unique graphic arts and marketing messaging for success and conversion.  


The digital landscape changes day to day which is why we make sure we have the best digital marketing specialists--who are passionate and stay on top of trends. Our digital ads managers are focused on getting clients tangible and repeatable results.  

Screenshot of digital ads report on a laptop

 Our clients enjoy results like:

  • 10x ROI on Google ad campaigns

  • 4x-8x ROI on Facebook campaigns

  • Growing email list by 3000 at a $3 cost per lead


We provide advanced management of your ad spend on select social platforms. We create the ads, write ad copy, monitor and analyze ad performance, perform split A/B tests where applicable, and track ROI to optimize your ad campaign’s spend and performance. We can also build a creative campaign to utilize on both your paid and organic social platforms.

Ads Management

Creative Digital Campaigns

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