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Making Marketing Modern

Marketing has gone digital, your creative should too.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Entrigue is a full-service creative and digital marketing agency specializing in integrated campaigns. We help start-ups find their voice and make it heard in the digital space. The landscape of marketing has changed, and now more than ever before, brands need to have a strategic plan to maximize their creative across online platforms.


We generate more than just marketing materials and digital campaign tactics, we create a cohesive brand experience for both consumer and B2B audiences, ensuring that your messaging is consistent through all channels of communication to establish your brand’s relationship with the right customer, at the right time.


We apply a dynamic creative approach to campaigns utilizing a wide range of competencies including brand development, growth strategy marketing, web design, ecommerce, video production, social media and more.


A Dynamic Team of Experts

At Entrigue, our expert consultants have a deep knowledge of content-driven marketing to help brands leverage their digital presence. Our search for the 'win-win' approach works to help your company develop consumer relationships where all parties benefit in growth. 


Our team works together to create the most cohesive digital branding possible, from your website design and SEO keywords to your Google ads and print advertisements. 

By having a team of specialists working together with a marketing consultant lead, we're able to pair your needs with digital marketing efforts which align with your business’s strategy.


When working with Entrigue, you know you're getting a diverse, experienced team to handle your marketing campaigns in every platform.

Learn more about our team and their areas of expertise!

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Brands need marketing solutions that are affordable, efficient, and effective for their current size and marketing goals. We don’t believe one size fits all—every brand needs a unique tailored approach that works backwards to forwards—from creative to placement.


Entrigue offers boutique marketing creative and digital agency services - so rather than hiring expensive marketing personnel in-house or two separate agencies, creative results are measured for their ROI after placement and analytics can inform future creative strategy. Entrigue's experts customize your businesses' marketing plan from start to finish: campaign messaging to customer interaction, while utilizing a talented team of project managers to handle each campaign on multiple platforms.  

What Our Clients Say

"Entrigue has helped in several ways, from digital marketing strategy, creative, SEO & web development. They have partnered with us, taking our wants/needs/ideas to collectively develop a cost-effective strategy on how our customers are experiencing our brand to increase customer engagement and retention. They’ve helped optimize our use of social platforms, including digital ad spend as well as organic and paid search strategies, offering great advice and direction while delivering excellent ROI. Their insight, creativity, and experience have made a genuinely positive impact. I have worked with them for over a year now; they’re dependable, reliable, honest, strategic, and just fun to work with. I would recommend Entrigue Consulting for all things digital marketing and look forward to our next project together."

Doug Sandstedt, Orenda International, VP of Sales

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